Game randomness

Playing at lvl 45 I have a maxed players in scrum strength 1 to 8 nearly maxed scrum coordination for the same season so why did I just lose every scrum to a team where 1 player has a max 260 and the rest as low as 166 and 245 overall average 240.

Added to that my 10 missed a kick in front of the posts from 30 metres.

Anyone got any ideas
Mb use is prime suspect. However strat settings can come into play and it sounds to me like your rhythm may need adjusting
Rhythm is set to 80% and scrum aggression to 90% which shouldn’t pose a problem?
Are you losing the scrums or fouling in them?
And do you lose them from the start of the game or later on?

Maybe share the details of said game so we can have a peak.
I was penalised in every scrum as neither scrum seemed to have an advantage
How can I share the game?
Tell us your guild name and team name. But now we know what happened, your aggression os too high for that opponents strat
How’s that possible?
If your scrum aggression is high and your opponent's is low, you will give away lots pf penalties. Same as early engagement in the real world.