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Definition of •FRAUD•


Fraud is the crime of gaining money orfinancial benefits by a trick or by lying.

He was jailed for two years for fraud and deception.

Tax frauds are dealt with by HMRC.

Synonyms: deception, deceit, treachery, swindling   More Synonyms of fraud


A fraud is something or someone thatdeceives people in a way that is illegal ordishonest.

Unfortunately the portraits were frauds.

He believes many 'psychics' are frauds who rely on perception and subtle deception.

Synonyms: impostor, cheat, fake, bluffer

C R Botha, who wrote a doctoral thesis on fraud, gives the definition of fraudas follows: “Fraud is the unlawful, intentional making of misrepresentation which causes actual prejudice to another or holds potential prejudice to another” (own translation).
Crusaders RM :

Guest GEXZBI :

1) You are not reading correctly Michael Goldshagg hates me not you...

2) your memory is diminishing ...

3) you cannot sugarcoat cheating ...

4) You had much to say about me with all the childish taunting by damage players in order to try get a
response out of me... I did not defend myself because I am far too mature for childish matters.

Did the great pretender " Huw Watkins inform you that I gave him strats and helped his game and that he
insulted me twice calling me a cheat with La Cag... ? No ... he is not honest with himself.
Only after I helped him could he beat Inbreds (Alex) and as sly and deceptive as he is he kept quiet.
He was the only person I gave the Ivorian strat to and it was NOT wheeled around as he claims because
he further stated that it had really helped his game. I felt bad as I let Gbane down and I informed him
accordingly when I came back from retirement the second time.

Wales I cannot rate as a player because he is not original and only befriends good players to try extract the
info and claim it as his...

What I believe or do outside this game has nothing to do with you or anyone for that matter ...and to help
you in your indoctrinated mind please find the curvature on the ocean... sea level... water does not lie as it
always finds it's own level. Always flows downwards to its lowest point. Please explain how the river Nile
and the Mississippi river defy this so called bend... The river Nile begins in Zimbabwe so tell me how a
river can flow upwards over a bend into the Mediterranean... ???

Go do some investigative work as " tell a lie vision" TV is an instrument used for programming.
Bill Nye the so called science guy states that we are in an enclosed system and we cannot get out...
Man has never been to the moon and the ISS space station is done in a studio ... Hollywood at it's best.

Like I said... I dont get involved in politics and religion as they are man made to work together to subdue
the masses... NASA only started in 1958 and in 1960 Nixon speaks to the so called "Astronots" on a lan
line... HELLO !!! a telephone ... what a stage to suck more money out of the slaves " us"

Lastly and not least ... Damage Inc used to be a South African guild and is no more.
Huw and Damage will always be remembered as Cheaters who destroyed a good game behind the

Ifs and buts dont work when truth is revealed ... shame and disgrace will be with him always as that is the
legacy he has made...

Sweet Nitro is in serious trouble over this saga and it will not go away...
People will sue ...

I know the truth ... Wales no matter what he says or does will not be taken seriously ... he is a fraud who willingly continued to crook the system until he was caught with Sean and Mel ...

Everyone outside damage and LaCag look at this as a disgrace as it should be...

Whatever you say to try defend it is meaningless...

I have no respect for corrupt behaviour whatsoever whether it be in or outside the game ...end of

I have said my say ... so be it

Jasco Dinkelman ... the 5 min hero as you say!!!

Wow u need serious help! Was u molested as child???

Kind of, he was abducted as by aliens which is where he thought he saw a flat earth, but in reality it was just the alien bashing his head on the window as he shoved a 14 inch slimey cock up his arse.
I think he enjoys that https://share.icloud.com/photos/0TK0IP58kFWIV0lvv9rX-s2sg
Crusaders RM :

I think he enjoys that https://share.icloud.com/photos/0TK0IP58kFWIV0lvv9rX-s2sg