Black Venom - Now recruiting

We currently have 4 spots open, all I ask is you send heals and play GC. The guild is currently all active and is competing to be within the top 50 guilds on the game to which we are hovering in and out of . Our highest member is level 133 slim with our lowest being 114 . The guild only has 3 players under level 120 . If you're interested in playing to be considered for an invite please reply to this thread ,you can play me as well but It won't be a serious game as I have a lose strat on for friendlies .

Yours sincerely

GOOD GUILD TO JOIN and Ash is a good leader ????????

Hope you get a few in Rog ????????
Hi Guest , I try to be a good leader it's difficult sometimes managing 20 plus personalities who all want to play / win challenges. I do my best to help all . Level doesn't matter as such commitment is more important I've got players as low as 176 and as high as 192 but the 176 guys are active players so i'm Ok with them and would rather have an active 176 with potential to oneday be better, than a 180 plus thats innactive because oneday my 176 will overtake the 180 .

On most GC's we have a gc plan which doesn't always work out but what it does is limit the amount of goes we waste . I tend to not get it completely wrong many times where same guy challenged 5 times and he's still standing lol unless they're really high quality and none of my guys can win . I even store info about certain guilds e.g Team GB dukesinfield has caused our guild many a problem with defends so now I don't take the chance and assigned a player that was above his level rather than someone of his level in the last GC, but this aint the only guild i have info on.