The Brotherhood

One of the oldest Crews in the game.

We seldom have opening but we have a few right now

We play hard, we play as a team and we have a great time doing it

If your looking for a new home play any leader 3 times.. if we still have an opening we will send you an invite

1 slot open

new guy buys the beer
man, I am thirsty. We need more beer. lol.
folks we had a player retire this morning..

If your a stone cold killer... play me or maddog 2 times for an invite

we are a very high ranked guild.. meaning we play other high ranked guilds... So if your a lower lv player _below lev 50.. just understand that your gonna get slapped around during GCs a bit.. I've had a few new guys in the past let that bug them so just want to avoid all that,,,

We have not had an opening for 3-4 seasons.. that should tell you something about how tight this crew is..

we just have a blast...
OK, I'll buy any new team a shot of bourbon if they join.... but they have to bring the beer.

We are looking for active players to come to The Brotherhood.
Bourbon is my choice of drink but dammit man, just a shot?! A half gallon would be tempting! lol

Zeke... lol. I'm cheap. $50 bottle of bourbon that I am working on so a shot is all I am willing to give up.
I'll cover the rest come on over

there is the "New guy Buys the beer " rule though
If I bring beer, do I have to share it? Asking for a friend
"have to" No, but probably going to get dirty looks. haha.