Patch 2.0

30/09/15 12:57
you can delete it again and i will post again unless u dismissed me from the game
30/09/15 13:00
Bassem has a point - this change has created more buildings to upgrade and fans to gather. The change with the infirmary and the tournament is a great change. It does not add a different dimension to the game as would making a purpose or the guild building, strategic building and so forth.

On a negative note, buildings are so much cheaper and take so much less time that you have disbanded the work done by the more experienced players - we spent tons of money and time upgrading and a newer player can do it in-far less time and money (good for catching up but should it really be such a big delta).
30/09/15 13:16
Vishal - Liverpool > yes and no, because times are reduced but costs are still high and you would have been blocked by money and not time that's all

bassem > you can put the same post but remove your insults
30/09/15 13:20
Fair enough (not entirely sure about that answer but we'll move on) - will still need time to familiarise ourselves with the changes. As with all change in the world - there will be resistance so be lenient on the likes of Bassem as people are sometimes angered at change.
30/09/15 13:27
no vishal, i like to change, but i think there are some needed changes to make the game ideal , but they didn't make any of them
30/09/15 13:32
Good tournament rewards upgrade .. but the question : when will we stop running towards upgrading our buildings to feel sufficient ? I reached to max. level for many buildings, but now u want me to do it again .. you want us always collecting money ?.. no change in the system of buying players .. no overall ranking for teams .. no new strategies in the strategy building .. no championships leagues .. league rewards still very low .. match bonuses still working .. no loaning players .. good game but still not completed ..I don't feel happy with that upgrading .

" I think there are no insults of that - so please keep it "
30/09/15 14:03
it is good
01/10/15 13:10
02/10/15 12:40
There seems to be an increase in injury rate for a few players after the patch..
02/10/15 18:24
I see some things have evolved in a positive sens but I really don't like the new update. I had lots of injuries too after the patch. Infirmary doesn't heal as much as before. There's a drop in income from the Finances building. Why?