Patch 2.0

16/10/15 16:41
I answer approximately one hundred questions a day in different languages and different places (forum, support, facebook, app stores) and a lot of them are the same. I was pretty sure I already have explained the reasons of the 15d leagues here but it seems I was wrong. Sorry about that.

About the empty challenge map, we found a bug today and fixed it. Your map will fill normally now (one new opponent every 4h).
16/10/15 21:55
Thanks for fixing the bug ...hopefully the map will fill up quickly. And I do understand you have many questions to answer, so also thanks for replying!

There's something else that is wrong though. We have a 15 day competition now in which we play an opponent only once. .How come that there are two level 10 competitions that work that way and that is one (with dollard and sauce tomato on top) that play eacother twice.

They have two league matches per day, where the other two level 10 leagues only have one. Not only do I think it is better to have home and away matches, but there's a big advantage for the teams in Dollards league. Playing twice a day means you get more money and you get more training points.

It is a difference of about 20 million in money per 15 days! Can this be fixed ...or can we get the an extra 20 million in our banks please to even things up (and about 10 training points per players)?
17/10/15 10:11
I understand your reasoning , but I want to clarify that we have 2 times more risk of injury and to avoid this we need to premiums , so as earned are as soon lost it 's balance more or less, and I add that they told me that c was a bug , and as the league began the can not cancel without penalizing those who won ; good game i am tomato sauce
17/10/15 12:52
But still - you get twice as much money and twice as much experience - you can always limit your injury rate based on your strategy (also everyone in that group is affected by injury rate - so it should even out the results - also if you loose due to injured players you still get the match earnings). This bug has a huge financial implication and is totally unfair to all others whom are not in that league !!!
17/10/15 12:55
Furthermore, all of us whom are in league ten would be disadvantaged next season since we would of had less money to upgrade our buildings..

These bugs are annoying - when you implement a patch - make sure you test it completely before implementing it,,,
17/10/15 23:25
bottom line this is bull$hit ...unfair. Why was this not reset, not just your league ...every ones??

I dont like the 2 x 13 day leagues in one month, and players i bought have now aged a year half way through the month, waste of time buying players now if they retire early and when the training time is halved also.

something needs to be put in place to balance this game out, it is going from bad to worse.

18/10/15 04:29
I have pointed out a few issues, please sort them out.
18/10/15 21:22
this can not be a bug. A bug can only rsult in something not working the way it should. It can not all of a sudden decide to do something that has not been programmed. So it's not a bug is bad programming and it can and must be fixed or compensated!
19/10/15 08:36
It must be compensated - otherwise there's a huge advantage gained to other players....
19/10/15 16:57
Yes, there is one buggy championship with 26 matches. Unfortunatelly, it can't be reseted now. It will be fixed with the new championship at the end of the month.