BMRS top 10 rises from the ashes

11/02/17 20:17
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes the folks at the Black Monks Rating Service return. We have records shattered this morning for both the number of members from one guild as well as the most points by a guild (the second place guild also beat the old record for first place and came just one member from the record for most members in the top 100). Also, due to multiple reports of inappropriateness one guild that will not be named has been issued a 30 day ban from the BMRS. In all fairness their is an appeal hearing scheduled for Monday morning at 1000 CST at the BMRS international offices. And finally:
1. WE LIKE WELSH FLAPS. (11 members in top 100). 657
2. Arena Of Champions. (10 members in top 100). 617
3. Phoenix. 397
4. Silence... I BAN YOU!!!
5. International Lions. 261
6. Terra Nova. 241
7. Wrecking crew. 225
8. Lomus Legends. 191
9. Coullias. 174
10. Cayanais. 156
22/02/17 15:28
The ban has now been extended indefinitely, nationalistic racism will not be allowed
22/02/17 17:22
Who was that??
22/02/17 18:00
It was in a post that I just realized was deleted in full. So all the evidence of carshalton using an alt account and a guy from his guild encouraging racism is now gone, but no consequence for such horrible and indefensible behavior. If the mod does horrible things they delete the evidence but they don't fix the problem. This is simply horrible and I want one mod or admin to say they think it is acceptable or carshalton needs to go as mod since he has repeatedly abused his power
22/02/17 18:05
Carshalton found great enjoyment showing off his power in this public forum and when it is clear that he is acting inappropriately the posts are deleted and he ignores the issue. If sublinet continues to condone this behavior I will make this public beyond this forum and contact the development team so they are aware of the issues
22/02/17 18:21
Well I never , what guild is called "we like welsh flaps". If the moderators were doing their job they would change that guilds name and issue them with a warning. Kids use this forum mods. Please do your job
22/02/17 20:30
I didn't promote racism or do I condone racism, all I said was that you know nothing about rugby Black Monks
22/02/17 20:47
Karl Morris :

I didn't promote racism or do I condone racism, all I said was that you know nothing about rugby Black Monks

You said because I'm american I must be silent on this forum. Don't try to change history simply because your posts have been deleted. Have some integrity and realize plenty of us americans have played rugby at a level far higher than you personally ever dreamed of playing.
22/02/17 20:54
Black monks I have personally had enough of your insults on this forum I suspect a lot of others have to please refrain
From bringing up topics again and again.

22/02/17 21:31
From this post forward I will stop. I just can't let someone say they told me to be silent due to me when it was clearly due to my nationality. I'm done, deuces

Which in america means peace out, not what it means else's where