03/08/17 22:45
One man to blame
04/08/17 15:01
The reality is that we are a community who are competing against one another. Like the England and South African rugby teams sharing a couple of beers in the change room, but they're not exactly going to share their respective team strategies and plans for the next test. That's sort of what this forum is like. You're going to get a bit of banter and general chat about the game, but the saucy stuff generally remains in the guild boardroom. So... like I said, best advice I can give is to join a good guild.
04/08/17 15:52
This is the most pointless post ever asking for advice on strategy is like trying to run through a concrete wall you won't get anywhere asking on here because people spend hours of their time looking for the perfect strategy but tbh what works for one may not work for you depends on the style of game your trying to play some like to kick , some play to fall over and earn lots of fouls whilst others play to pass through you what i'm saying is their is no one setting that will work for all . The only other advice I can give you is to look at where the other top players are mostly spending their points and follow what they do.