15/10/18 23:23
*Saruman* :

And how many of Damage have got to #1 spot not on the backs of their guild mates???

I got to no. 1 last season off my own back (2 levels below top level) - I beat Vmax and then even defended sniper without subs so it was really a nice moment for me. But yes, we sometimes do a mass invasion of the top 10 just for fun. The truth is though that 98% of those teams would get there on their own and often do. We just do shit cos it's fun. It's a game at the end of the day...
15/10/18 23:27
Black Monks :

I look at one of the championships in question and there was match fixing apparent. However the relegation point total was 36 and those with 37 moved forward, also the match fixer who benefited was from le cag and the peson that was relegated was also from le cag. 36 resulting in relegation shows that it was a very strong championship as a whole so I would just question who these poor teams are that are easy wins. I didn't see any in that championship. Also, I believe that the ship relegation was within 3 points of 3rd place which makes match fixing even more difficult. But I didn't watch every match and there was match fixing occuring in games I did watch. Can't remember any names though now, sorry.

I'm no longer in charge of a top level team. Someone else has taken the reins now for a while. But I can confirm that it is bloody tight in the top level championships. Whether you match fix or not, there are no guarantees at all and actually my theory is that it actually backfires as much as it helps.

I'm hoping to hit top level with my main team Wales next season if I can secure the double this season. Honestly though, it's like jumping into a pool of aligators... I experienced it for like 5 seasons and you have to be good to stay up consistently, that much is for sure!