Boycott of Le Cag

14/04/20 19:45
Phalanx Damage Inc. :

guest_1470257561147 :

damage fraudsters also cheat
they do it but it's less obvious, you're so stupid
anguloru vs balder : 31-06
NZ vs sales sharks : 14 -00
I am not in elite, you criticize teams but you do the same thing damages. You are ashamed of this game

I am very much aware of the activities at Damage Inc. and I don't mind being completely transparent. The NZ vs Sales game was a fix. The Balderdash vs Angoloru game was not a fix.

NZ vs Sales was fixed without the knowledge of the leaders. After the game, we asked them not to do it again.

The Balderdash vs Angoloru game was discussed in our leadership group. It was agreed Angoloru desperately needed the win, but we decided unanimously that we couldn't allow for Balderdash to even put a bad strategy on and allow Angoloru to win that way. It would have undermined everything we are standing for in the forum.

Take us for enemies if you like, but don't take us for fools. We are not going to make a public stand against match fixing and then fix a match ourselves at the same time.

Last season I could have saved Ankliv and Dreadlocked Warriors from relegation. Easily. I instead beat both of them in a fair game.

I was 1st on the log, Ankliv was 10th and needed a win desperately, with only 3 games left in the season. Mavericks was in 11th and he was being given a win every time he played against another team from La Cagnannaise. Ankliv and Dreadlocked Warriors, who was 9th, were in danger of Mavericks being promoted ahead of them even though he only won 2 matches legitimately in the league, the rest were given to him through match fixing. That would have been a tragedy of justice. Even in spite of all that, I beat Ankliv by 40 points with 3 games to go.

If we wanted to throw games to screw La Cag the way they screw everyone else, we could have. But we didn't.

To me, this goes to show that for all their faults, all the shady stuff that has gone on in the past and occasionally still happens, Damage are clearly trying to clean up their act and are more than willing to admit when they are wrong.

Others are more than happy to throw insults (some of it warranted, some of it bordering on slander at times) and brand them as the worst in the game, but they are honestly not fooling anyone. They are clearly trying to justify their own dishonest behaviour presumably so they can continue. Well done to Nico and Christophe though for standing up and saying they were wrong and that they won't continue in the future. Let's hope this attitude spreads throughout the game.