Purchase options

06/09/16 21:07
Now that I've made a 4.99 purchase all I get now is 7.99 for the same thing, a player, with more gold balls. I do not want gold balls. If you want me to spend again please stop trying to squeeze more out of me. I am not going to spend 7.99.
06/09/16 21:10
The prices go up with every purchase
06/09/16 21:19
Ok thanks.

So if anyone from the owners reads this, I've spent 4.99 x2 and will spend no more. Gutted that I've spent money to be conned by an inflatory scam to squeeze more out of genuine buyers offering items for sale they do not want or require.

Kind regards
09/09/16 06:24
Worth pointing out to everyone, if you want to buy a player this is the payment plan

1st purchase 3.99
2nd purchase 3.99
3rd purchase 7.99
4th purchase 14.99

Each give a bigger chunk of gold balls that you can purchase separately through other offers.

What an absolute scam.

Don't bother folks.