Flag for India

15/09/16 12:26
Please provide flag for India
15/09/16 12:50
It is total discrimination that Indian Flag is not available for Indian contingent . Game Management should update the game with immediate effect .
18/09/16 10:55
make it happen !
18/09/16 13:22
Flag for Madagascar .Make it happen too
20/09/16 22:43
I think game management is a member of Anti-India campaign .
22/09/16 02:21
provide us our national flag......#WeWantOurSeparateIdentityAsINDIAN
24/09/16 17:28
it cant be that hard... pretty pls?
25/09/16 20:31
Why can't they afford all the flags?
27/09/16 00:36
new season will start in ten days . provide it with it .
27/09/16 16:12
Your words are wasted on here guys.. there isnt any admins and when there was they didnt even listen to them.. i agree you should have your own flag..