6.0 Update

08/03/17 04:07
So what's the point of the sports shop when you can only get 1 of each. I have bid and won 40 or 50 different items yet only 1 shows in gear. Have spent a few million for nothing.

Not another farcical upgrade is it?

08/03/17 10:40
More like another desperate way to push people into buying gold balls
08/03/17 13:35
I won't be bothering I don't think
08/03/17 21:19
My next target was 100 million on the site & start building strat building 3
The way I see it is the strat will be a permanent help while the sports shop only helps once unless you spend out again the next season & the same applies to anything else you build
looks to me like this is the last thing to build when you have everything else what do others think is it worth putting other things back if so why?
08/03/17 23:42
Well the sports shop is only useful in my opinion if you have a mass of gold balls as in the strat building is a permanent fixture and if you look most of the big teams have 3 and most are nearly max level in there strat buildings I gotta say it defo helps to get results when upgraded having the 3rd strat base
11/03/17 09:05
Can someone help me understand why we need to upgrade the sport shop?
i went through 3 levels and i really dont see a diff - infact the max is lvl 3...
What is the discount that is mentioned?
11/03/17 20:44
These jokers at Sub don't answer questions do they. They must rake in so much from a country you can't mention they don't give a monkeys.
My last post was deleted because I mentioned country you are not allowed to mention. Ha!
12/03/17 01:05
really gareth what a joke these guys are one rule for them and another for every nationality on the game heres a suggestion for you sublinet why not just call the game Iranian football at least we'll all get the message were not welcome, I mean your happy to take our money but you only implement changes that will make you the most money I mean that sport shop I aint heard one good comment about it. Today we lost sea city in world elite, I suspect more will go because a lot of the guild are highly pissed and I can tell you some of my guild have spent substantial amounts on the game this is your paying customers without the players who provide you an income your nothing when will you realise that? I suggest you start listening otherwise you won't have a game and it's that simple in words.

Maybe a free agents list where teams can sign one player for free every season allowing teams to compete in the game without having to spend silly amounts in the AH or give the game up
stopping the 10 man attack
Stopping players from running backwards with the ball like have you ever seen a footballer running backwards with the ball?
offisdes in the game ( I suggest you research FIFA Rules in football)
Stop guild members from playing each other whilst the GC is ongoing to waste time on the clock so opposition guild cannot score points if members from the same team are playing each other.
Make the GC more about skill by limiting each player to 1 go meaning players have to chose wisely.
Limit the amount you can spend on one player in the AH , have a buyout clause like in the modern day

P.S I could go on all night but this is just some of the things getting peoples backups and if you don't at least make an attempt to sort the game out you'll lose a lot more that I am sure of the choice is yours make the changes or watch your profits go down the drain the choice is yours sublinet.
12/03/17 15:21
I will reserve comment on the sports shop since haven't heard anyone rave about it yet and I certainly will not race out and get one

But my area of concern with the new update is how strong my AWAY side has become and how offensively challenged my squad is at home....Sometimes one has to be careful of what one wishes.
A few weeks ago I noted there was a substantial difference between home and away (almost 22 per cent in some statistical areas) so the devs decided to lower the home advantage in this update....in doing so, they may have overcompensated for the away side.
I have a unique idea for the next update, just make home and away virtually equal because there is an imbalance of home and away games in league play and even more so in training matches when u still allow unlimited challenges but can only play five per day).
Let a team's quality play the game to the best of their ability, regardless of home or away designation.... I go now!