Energy recovery

27/01/16 15:18
I looked at my average energy recovery and it was 4.77. I thought this was a bit low, so I restarted the app and the average energy recovery had gone up to 6.84. Why does it fluctuate like this? It should stay the same surely
27/01/16 16:53
The lower value is wrong. You're not the first one to report this bug, but we never been able to reproduce it.
On which device did you see that? If you find a way to reproduce this bug it could be very helpful.
27/01/16 18:03
Im playing it on my laptop. Im not sure if it happens on my phone but if it does I'll let you know. Great game by the way
06/03/16 11:46
I had the same yesterday. It seems as though the infirmity has no impact.
Lasted about a day
Working again now.
I use my iphone