Another L21 stadium question before I upgrade...

13/07/16 20:59
So, with l21 stadiums, you lose 1000 and gain 100 fans (although this seems to have changed to gain 200).
Is that for everything above 140k only i.e. Below 140, we are back to lose or gain 1000
13/07/16 21:39
Yes collierd,
It seems the new +200/-1050 rule applies only for level 21 stadium. Below it is still +/-1000.
Flammes Bleues
14/07/16 07:54
What happens if a level 21 gets below 140k fans (just out of interest)
14/07/16 09:48
I don't know because I have not done it but my other thread would suggest that win 200 / lose 1000 applies only when you are at 142k fan base and above.