Gc Challenge

21/11/16 08:12
Hi guys!
we at Terra Elite are starting a gc tommorow morning at 9 am South African time and was wondering if one of the top guilds in the game would be intrested in our challenge?arena or Int Lions?any of the top guilds
21/11/16 08:16
Mb free
21/11/16 11:55
Nobody wants to challenge us haha
21/11/16 15:13
Sorry guys make that Thursday 9am sa time
21/11/16 17:41
Hi it's RFC from guild brothers in arms. We're not as strong as we once were but think we still come under a top guild category. We are up for a good MB free challenge. The timing is OK for us to start a challenge Thursday 9 am your time 11am UK time and hope to be drawn against each other.
21/11/16 17:57
That would be 7AM UK time, South Africa is 2 hours ahead of you.
21/11/16 19:55
That would be awesome thx RFC!see you guys in the gc
21/11/16 22:03
Coach qBaLL :

That would be 7AM UK time, South Africa is 2 hours ahead of you.

That is correct lol
21/11/16 22:31
Sorry should of googled the time gap lol. If we can make it about 10am south Africa time we will be able to squeeze another gvg in before it. I'll confirm an exact time once our next challenge is underway. For all out efforts you just know we'll both end up with different opponents. It will be good to have a good fair match up without the other guild screwing us over with MB for a draw.
22/11/16 09:19
10 am is fine just let me know please!and agree with the fair match it will be nice for a change!
Taff I hear you are looking for me and beefy?how can we help?