In Guild Tournaments

06/01/17 17:22
Over at Brothers in Arms we are going to start have our own in guild tournaments with some kind of points handicap system for the different level players. It's something we've done in the past but no one can remember how we worked it. Just wondering how other guilds run theirs or if anyone has any ideas to help us out it would be much appreciated.
06/01/17 17:56
xXx from rugga legends runs a great in house. Has some restrictions that are good too. Will try get in contact with him and ask him to share.
06/01/17 18:07
Thanks Beastie
06/01/17 18:09
So long as I get a plethora of handicap points when I play Rhino or Warriors then I'll be happy!
06/01/17 19:11
We used to run one, we found that home and away with 1.5 points per * rating handicap over the two legs worked out about right.

The only issue with this is when people start stocking their squad with 10* players it becomes a pain.
07/01/17 12:02
We've talked about doing one in our guild, but have never got it up and running... How are you putting the results together?

There are some online sites that you can build leagues on, but I've not found them flexible enough to include stuff like handicapping etc.

Or are you building an excel sheet?
07/01/17 14:38
Scotland did it via a free site that let you use a cup structure so results manually input into it (I think the draws were done randomly somehow too). We just added the handicap to the total home and away score, probably via excel tbh
07/01/17 14:52
Thanks El's. I'm all for a star rating handicap as it will give me a big advantage but having trouble convincing the others. We will probably base the handicaps on levels maybe 5 points a level. I'll look into league sites. We have a spare spot at the minute if anyone fancies joining us, preferably with experience of Excel lol.
18/01/17 10:36
We are currently running a tournament in our Guild and are using just 1 point per. difference in team star rating (ignoring the decimals) over 2 legs, home and away and so far it has worked quite well. The highest difference between 2 teams has so far been 17 points over the two legs and most others have been much, much closer. 1 semi-final saw a 73* difference in teams but the final result was 73 v 70 so it seems to work okay and the higher rated teams have not had a problem with it. It has also been a mix of high v low going through the various rounds.

Works for us

[EDIT] Final is between a 101* rated team and a 60* rated team.