21/07/17 12:11
Hi Skillie, I think you are referring to the GvG against Rochellais. You are quite right that many of the teams in that Guild have all their players on *6 rating, but you played OMLPL. OMLPL is a L17 team with *46.22 rating, you are L8 with *43.92 rating. It is not surprising that you lost to OMLPL.
21/07/17 15:19
Skillie :

Bok bef@k guild name - sorry have to log in all the time, the guild we played prior to the last one all had 6 star ratings, have a look.

And I went a step further (I'm sure Hutchie did this as well) none of the teams that beat you in any gvg meet the criteria that you described in your first post. Sorry that we can't help but thanks for the laughs.
21/07/17 16:18
I had a look at the match v "rcla 13"...another L16 team and nowhere near the criteria described.
22/07/17 02:07
It's a bug (of course) but sometimes if u refresh the game, it's ok after...
03/08/17 19:59
'Eejit' lol Pommie Nousette...