Cheating in map/ranking games

05/08/17 23:18
Twice today when i have been ranked number 1, i have been challenged to friendlies , then challenged to a map game immediately after. The map game does not light green even though i am online and waiting for challenges. I only know i have been beaten as the defeat shows on my schedule. My guild members state this has been happening for some time, but i've never noticed it before. Why is it not being fixed? The teams responsible are Vmax and Perfect Team, although i suspect there are lots cheating and getting away with it.
06/08/17 11:28
Cheating? How?
06/08/17 13:30
It's an underhand cowardly tactic used by so called 'top teams' to gain an unfair advantage over another team. It's called bending the rules, like diving in football.
Top teams shouldn't need to find ways to cheat.
06/08/17 14:11
Shame Mooners...get better internet lad....i didnt play a friendly to do whateva you are saying here....but in psychology you call it then projection...your own thoughts...i played a friendly to see spacing lineouts scrum aggresion....if you know the game like the top players would know better....tip to help you out of your friendly a friendly after some1 plays you then if someone plays you the game will come up....stop moaning and play the game
06/08/17 14:54
Why dont you just simply change your name to bluemoaners??? Will suit you much better.. Theres no such thing as cheating in rankings, if you have rubbish signal.. well thats your own problem!!
06/08/17 15:55
Let's be fair guys, motive matters. I don't know the motives of people here, only I know my motives. But if someone is aware of a glitch, which it sounds some were based on remarks here, and they are doing the friendly purely for the glitch then it is at worst cheating and at best an exploit (some say exploits are inherently cheating but I don't totally agree). Now, if a person is doing a friendly to set strats, as mentioned above, and it has nothing to do with the known glitch then it is unfortunate that the devs haven't solved the glitch.
06/08/17 17:28
It has nothing to do with tactics, defensive speeds and spacings. I know it, the cheats know it. Top teams should not need to cheat. My policy has always been name and shame. You don't like it because you've been named.
06/08/17 18:00
Shame know i play you a lot in friendlies....and if it has nothing to with looking at you stratagy why do you change it to 0 rythm most of the time.... it does not make sense moaners.....but i see it bothers you....and i played a friendly again today sorry wanted to cheat again....o boy...then i felt sorry and didnt play again....njoy the game i wont friendly you again hahahahahaha....this hole thing is joke bluemoaners...get better internet....i am out...not going to waste anymore time on this. Goodluck ....o its a game:-)
06/08/17 18:10
@Black monks...motive matters....but accusing some1 of something i didn't do is a no go....he knows better then that...he knows i play him a lot in friendlies and he change his strategy most off the time-why ? Because we all know there is cirtain things to look at and it can help you to win and lose...some people you have drop scrum aggresion some you need to increase scrum aggresion....its as easy as that....what is the point of a friendly? Good luck monks i am out... for real:-)without a friendly:-)
06/08/17 19:00
Vian, wasn't siding with you or mooners, wasn't siding against you or mooners. You know your motives, I don't. If it was to see his strats it's fair play, if it was to exploit a glitch it was at best an exploit and at worst cheating. I'm saying you both have valid points and need to consider each others