Looking to merge with another guild

09/06/19 09:06
We’ve got both your invites, it’s early yet so no boys about atm, I expect us to join but must check with them first, and thanks to both of you!
09/06/19 10:02
09/06/19 10:02
09/06/19 13:04
To anybody still left in England’s Elite, please request to join and when their guild challenge is over you will be accepted
09/06/19 16:06
Invites sent out as we have another space available as had to cut an inactive player - Fire of Dragons.
09/06/19 20:58
paxfords we haven’t forgotten you mate, there’s just a guild challenge on so no guild management can be done
11/06/19 11:35
Any former members of England’s Elite, most of us are now in Hellfire Jäger Bombers, please join us if you can!