The Return Of The Badger

25/12/19 12:36
Hb/Jason class player and bloke. Sniper 2nd biggest dosser and shit player ever 3 season wonder.
27/12/19 21:41
HB/ player and salt of the earth as a human being.

Who is "Sniper"? Never heard of him and anyone who is anyone in this game I am friends with also have no idea who this person is.

Welcome back Jase...Chanice X 5
30/12/19 18:48
Honey Bomber.
30/01/20 21:29
Jason that profile is not me ... this is me •Sniper* I would never say something like that...
wow !!! This is how they discredit me ... what a bunch of arseholes to do this to me ... I suspect it's a damage player or Sean Case as he has that spiteful and malice nature...
No wonder other players hate me ... yes I had my run in with Michael Goldshagg and Juggernaughts... we are not friends but j would never do this sort of thing...