A Warning!! The new season approaches, and every member of the Coalition goes up 2 levels...:)

26/01/17 19:53
Be afraid, be very afraid. You ever wonder how our level 5's beat your 9, 10 and 11s? NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!

And now they are all graduating yet again. Becoming more powerful, MORE DANGEROUS.

And so are the rest of us.

They are my brothers, and I love them. We may not be the biggest guild around, but pound for pound, we are BY FAR the best.

Cannot brag enough about them, but I try. We spend time together, not only talking strategy, but life. I may be the Leader, but I would be absolutely NOTHING without all of them. The Right Hands take care of so much while I am away, and the rest are busy kicking everybody's butt.

We have fun, we compete, we laugh, and they are kind enough to listen to my constant whining late at night. Thank you gentlemen.

The purpose of the this post is two fold.

1. I am honoring my brothers who constantly crack me up and make this game so much fun.

2. BRAG about your own guild. Share with us about your happiness and some of the smiles you get from playing and interacting.

As I always say, Give a Smile away EVERYDAY, and as always, CLOBBER ON!
27/01/17 03:02
Somebody is either drunk or on pain killers....
27/01/17 03:53
HA! Love ya John, and why can't I be on both? I try not to limit myself.

SO come on gentlemen, brag about your guild, would love to hear your stories.
29/01/17 03:45
you myrtle beach guys .. you make me laugh