bucs1 what is your problem

01/06/17 02:58
Are you retarded or something you have to keep friendly playing a team 30 star points lower than you???? What the Hell is that supposed to prove??? When my team is on your teams level I'm going to bury your stupid ***
01/06/17 03:13
01/06/17 03:23
you are a joke Don... everything is a conspiracy theory to you. Learn how to play the game and quit picking on the smaller teams to boost your ego
01/06/17 03:24
I have one team 30 star points below you retard and one team only. I'm pretty sure your crazy I have no idea how someone scams on here moron. You must be very proud of your team to have to play guys way below you but I guess those are the only ones you can beat. You are the absolute joke and your pathetic.
01/06/17 03:24
How can this game be manipulated to advance?
01/06/17 03:31
Omg Don get a life dude. You have to play a friendly game to make sure you can beat a team 30 star points below you. I have heard how stupid retarded and pathetic you are and now I know. You truly are the dumbest person I've come across here. Seriously your a real pathetic joke.
01/06/17 03:34
103.31 vs 72.95 oh yah you must be so proud lol omg what a loser
01/06/17 04:31
Don, STFU, you are nothing. Everyone else works too. You threatened a man's life over a game. What does that say about you? BTW, Huntington, WV, I know exactly where you live. Don't fuck with me. I am not an evil person, but chill out. I try to be nice. You threw your temper tantum like a child, destroyed your team, and then built it back up. Congratulations. The free players like me, who kick your ass all the time, thank you. But you are not winning. Matter of fact, going to kick your a ss now. Be kind to others, let go of your anger, whatever it may be. Honestly, I wish you well. Not sure what your problem is. It is just a game. Made for fun.
01/06/17 09:35
so when I was leval 6 and being crushed by you guys 12 levals higher that was ok .and it is sad that 6 people pick on 1 and Jason you do know that people see the top guild pounding on lower opponents every day right.you have a cartoon character as your profile lol
01/06/17 10:03