Strats testing runs/formations

12/02/19 08:59
Why are my guys getting tired after a couple of runs or defends? Is there any logical background why?

Pls devs fix that!

I know the testing thing isnt that great but it helps a little bit sometimes. As long as you are testing under normal conditions... Not with dead guys...
12/02/19 13:06
Ive noticed as well I agree
12/02/19 16:59
The way it is now is pretty much useless.
12/02/19 17:04
Agreed thou. U get like 3 tests before ur d craps out. Here's how I solve it. Build a d u like then run it against a very inferior team that will show u which players get blocked for no reason or are outta postion. Once tuned to work against competing u supposed to beat turn ur attention to those u wanna beat and tune mid game as necessary. Maybe it cuz I've been playing long enough I don't even test em anymore. Would be nice to be able but I just set and go and tune on the fly.
12/02/19 17:38
would be very cool if you could run your off against your def...
12/02/19 18:08
Randy Young :

would be very cool if you could run your off against your def...

Ooooo now there's an idea. Like a spring game in college football? Mix up ur team and play yourself. There's something to that! I like that
12/02/19 19:03
That is what I was thinking about :). Not just your defense formation. Setup any formation and any settings you want