Groundhog Day - Anyone Else Getting Bored With This Game?

01/06/16 10:49
This is (probably) targeted at just the level 19 or 20 players who have maxed out (or have almost maxed out) buildings so apologies to the rest.

A number of us in our guild are getting bored of this game and are thinking of packing it in as there is no real challenge left when you have reached the top tier in the championship and your building development is complete (or very close to it).

By promoting 9 every "season" we see the same players in the championship, Tournaments and GvG time and time again. Its getting like Groundhog Day.

This game needs SOMETHING to keep us interested - there have been enough suggestions as to what on other forum pages - but as ever there is silence from the Developers. When was the last time we had a big upgrade to the game? Was it last November when GvG was introduced? (I view the 50% MB introduction as a tweak)

Are we on our own here in thinking this? How many are thinking the same?
01/06/16 11:18
thats the trouble with these games they make it easy for promotion nothing like the real world there should be a 26 game season with 4 up 4 down be a lot more competitive
01/06/16 11:21
At least that would be something Taffy to mix it up a bit!
01/06/16 11:26
im not that close to maxing building upgrades... but im effing bored!
01/06/16 11:30
You have a point Dropkicks - it is not about buildings as it is after all supposed to be a strategy game and that side is woefully lacking developments or new challenges.
01/06/16 11:46
1 year is a long time to look at blue and red dots.... have the developers got any good news for us?? Or will the loyal players continue to be ignored?! 1/3 of our guild has had enough!
01/06/16 12:01
yep it's getting boring now. The game needs a update and quick! Same old teams and same old gvg opponents. I will give it till the end of the month and if there's no change I'm trapping.

01/06/16 13:55
Could not agree more guys....
I got very close to selling all my players just to see what happened.
01/06/16 14:36
You end up with 15 7/8* 30 year olds Taff...
01/06/16 15:06
Soooooo bored.... Already selling of surplus players...have now amassed 500k in recruiter coins...if game doesn't update soon will be giving them all away lol