Dynasty Members are killing Brotherhood

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As the leader of the BROTHERHOOD i would like to say one thing and that is at the end of the day. When all war talk and all the he said she said we are gonna be here playing this game. Because we like this game. With all the different ways we piss each other off. (and we do) We do have some things in common we are so tired of waiting for a guild challenge that we have to give up are morals, hate,and bicker over what someone said. I for one will play the HELL OUT OF ANYBODY, may not win, may not even score, but will play and learn. Take notes and sooner or later the playing field will be even and then we will see who wins.
18/11/16 01:54
Mark Chapman.... You sir have my respect, and am Glad you spoke up for you Guild... This WHOLE forum Post Started with a GUY not even in your Guild anymore speaking for y'all.... and as I have seen A LOT of his posts, ALL was crying about the game and this or that !! There are lots of way to play the game, and when the first shot was fired, we returned the favor but brought the battle to you !! AS I stated earlier.... This is a matter of waving the white flag and getting your crew to fall in line and follow a few simple agreements or WE can and WILL keep doing what we have been and make it as tough as we can Sir.

BUT you do have my respect. We are welcome to chat off here if you would like to come to terms on some issues !
18/11/16 02:02
Who is Randy in the game anyway? I'm curious who this guy is that beat Aggie.
18/11/16 02:28
Randy Young :

Jim Geron :

Randy Young :

Jim Geron :

Ashley Longthorn :

Please limit the amount of players one can bid on in a day a lot of my guild members are getting pretty pissed off in the AH due to Dynasty Members overbidding them on purpose so they can't build a team all we want is a team doesn't have to be a top team we just want players to pick from but if they a member from our guild they will purposely overbid us just so we can't purchase players now I know it's part and parcel of the game and nobody minds one or two players every now and then but when you put like 10 bids a day on and they go through the entire auction house doing it to you constantly it becomes a problem for obvious reasons.

we had an agreement not to use sliders against one another. Your guild used/s them on us a LOT.
Also...overbidding....REALLY? Several members of your guild outbid us for players consistently. This is guild war.fare If you don't enjoy it....find another guild.

See right there is the problem this is a football sim.....it's not a war game... I was one of the first dynasty members and in truth ,, we took this game on big time... The tactics that we used were intended to split a guild that got close to us.. NON Stop friendlies... for days on end.. meant to drive good players away from the guilds that they were in.. I know this to be true because i took part in them..... It was not just dynasty that did this.. the brotherhood did the same thing.. I know this because i founded The Brotherhood....

The new tactic That dynasty is using is to simply take a few guys that spend amazing amounts of real money on the game and have a non limited supply of AH points and sipmp spend a few hrs each night going over the entire AH.. when they see a member of a team they hate biddle they just out bid them..it's simply in truth.. if you deny an enemy replacement players you can and will starve them out of the game... they win the auctions keep the better players and simply release the crap players.. does not matter if they need them or not the goal is to starve out the other guilds.....

Problem here is it makes the entire game all about who can out spend the others.... ... it's intent is to remove players.. get them out of the game...

I myself grew tired of the war game like BS and have since dropped away from both guilds and log in now a few times a week... I was a target of this crap.. why? I outbid one of there players once... was told point blank in a fb chat .. that they planned to eliminate guilds in this manor....so it's not a matter of people just crying because they lost a few players....

It's built into the game to allow this to happen....so if thats what the admin want there is not much anyone can do about it.... as soon as the Brotherhood is gone they will simply target the next group that piss them off.. or beat aggie,,, or outbid them

so today the brotherhood.. whos next.... guess that depends on who outbids them or "beats aggie" cause come on Aggie freaking out over a slide bar or that you losst 1k fans.. that you get back in about 2 min..... just an escuse,,, your bored.. your finding a way to make the game more fun for yourself....I get it.. I was part of that ruthless guild once......

But ya I am done with the war game BS.. if this ever becomes a football game again.. you guys let me know... till then I'm about done....

gee, listening to you...you'd think YOU stopped the guild war beatdowns. But no, that would be me. That was my idea. I convinced my guild leader to stop it.Even tho people would join us just to stop from losing...that's not really a good enough reason to justify beating some poor schlubs 60-0 and keeping score on how many shutouts we'd get. You rob people of their fun, and they'll resent you for it.
Our intent is not to 'put other guilds out of the game'. We wanted this win at all costs mentality to stop. Our guilds had an agreement not to 'slider' each other, which Brotherhood broke first...and broke often. (John Barnhardt, looking at you dude. There is no way in hell you can fairly beat Aggie in a 1 on 1 game)
Some of us were losing fans...and could not get a return game against the person who beat them to get their fans back. Others of us get injured players when someone uses the slider...and as you said not everyone can afford to spend money on beaucoup healkits.

Its nice to hear that you got tired of the war game BS....you're the one who started it.

hey folks meet Dallas .. the only guy even banned for cheating in this game..... he was sending players back and forth between his alts.. when he got banned .. he made this new account under earthbound misfits... I do have the chats and proof if any of the admin would like to see the screen shots of the him admitting that he is indeed the same guy.... Cheating POS.. name is glenn just a nut job TBH...anyway now you know

your not the best glenn your a cheater.. thats about it dude

wasnt banned for cheating. I called a guild leader a name in his guild, and people complained. I got money I spent in the game returned to me...so nice try Randy.
18/11/16 03:02
I just destroyed Randy 34-0 head to head in a friendly. No way in heck this clown beat Aggie head to head without using a slider. A lot of air comes out of your blow hole, Randy. But, nothing of substance comes out from our little candle maker.
18/11/16 03:49
You know .this is some of the dumbest stuff i have ever seen .. or have dealt with . seriously all of you . Im ashamed to have been not only be a part of not only Dynasty but also the Brotherhood .. I dont know about all of you ,, but i play this stupid game so i dont have to watch whatever gruesome horrifying things that the local news will show ..so i dont have to watch the kardashins , or any stupid reality tv .. so i can relax and take my mind off the world .. You all know me .. Most of you like me and some of you hate me .. for what reasons i honetly dont know .. I have been outbid and never cried about not getting a player .. it sucks dont get me wrong but it is part of the game .. I have outbid many of you to try and get a player .. i dont usually go after guys i dont need .nut sometimes the temptation an dthe player is just so good not to take a shot .. yes i ahve been up at 3 am to get some player in the AH .. sometimes i win sometimes i dont .. . Paul and others have put big time cash into the game .. and its well within the rules for him to bid on guys he doesnt need .. It sucks but he is not cheating .. Its well within the rules to use the slider ,, i dont use it because it gives you a false reading on how good your team actually is .. I honestly miss the days not to long ago when we all just joked around in chat .. has this game gotten this F N serious that we get into stupid 5 yro arguments over little dots going left to right on a green field ? cause that is what you are doing ..
18/11/16 07:39
Welcome back to junior high. Bunch of childish bullshit going on hereach! Why cant we all enjoy this fucking game and have some fun?

This started off as a game with great potential, and it's gone south fast. This is getting fucking ridiculous, grow up and quit acting lIke a bunch of kids. Play the game and have fun!

You can ban me for my profanities or take it for what it is. It's getting ridiculous here, and the game is how old now????

Admins need to step the fuck in and take some sort of control over this bullshit. I've never seen an Internet game so disorganized, changes need to be made and fast...if not, this game will fall off faster that it already is.

18/11/16 07:44
I only read the first page before posting this. Felt no need to read anymore, this shit insane.
18/11/16 15:17
Well I'm glad that I am not the only one Chris