Yellow triangle

10/09/17 21:57
What's the yellow triangle mean when setting stragity
10/09/17 21:59
It's a warning that it may be too high or too low of a setting.
11/09/17 10:32
Black Monks :

It's a warning that it may be too high or too low of a setting.

Not even that, necessarily; it's a warning that the setting is outside a "normal" range. If your players are trained correctly, it can be absolutely fine.
11/09/17 14:39
Agreed, a warning that it MAY be too high or low. I'm sure every top team has at least a couple of triangles throughout their strats
11/09/17 14:43
I think the warning is good when playing vs someone with equal quality. When I'm in top few leagues I assume the players I'm competing against are also trained correctly. So my guy with max safe tackle and tackle could be fine against a low pen guy, that is totally different when all are trained. But it is always, regardless of the level, merely a guide and your goal shouldn't be to outright avoid all warnings. Rugby in real life is tested, some sirs let you keep your hands in the ruck for .1 seconds and some for .5, and that needs to be tested to see which it is. Some sirs will call a penalty when the scrum half throws the ball intentionally at an off-site player making an effort to release, but Wayne Barnes is the only one I know of.
11/09/17 20:40
Working the video analysis well there BM. Look forward to more referee analysis. So do you think that Sweet Nitro is occasionally running a random 'Wayne Barnes' algorithm hence the odd random results. There again never an issue if you know how a referee will run the game as you can play to it as a tactics. Now that would be an interesting new dynamic to RM is the addition of referees with stated approaches so that you have to tweak your strategy to suit opponents and referee. #doublehomework
11/09/17 21:12
I love the idea but I suspect if there were randomness to refs in this game people's minds would explode
11/09/17 21:36
Not yours BM. Not yours BM. #Legend
11/09/17 21:37
Also would be more fun than L25 buildings. We need something to stop people leaving the game.
11/09/17 22:39
You know how they could do it, the same as in real life. If they had a pool of say 10-20 refs that they draw from, each ref having their own unique preferences, and they assigned the ref for champ and tourney 24 hours before the match. This would actually be an amazing addition, we would constantly be trying to figure out the nuance and they could introduce it when they introduce weather.