Server Failure - GvG Impacts

09/11/17 13:16
Does anyone need to raise a ticket to claim a GvG victory due to the game being unavailable at a key time for the conclusion of many GvG games?
09/11/17 14:14
Lmao, nice poking of the bear for us old timers
09/11/17 15:29
Lol.... got my a$$ handed to me by Gilbert
09/11/17 18:46
Can a victory be claimed for league matches due game not being available?
09/11/17 20:59
Manners please Bluemooners. I will keep it simple but it is someone who no longer enjoys this once fine game and was not too bad at it. I would have thought that anyone in the alumni of the legendary Webb Ellis (now Hellfire) qualifies to use the term. Good night Sir.
09/11/17 21:22
Apologies I forgot to answer the tool part. I would say that I am a hammer drill.
09/11/17 21:29
I am one of the fallen average
09/11/17 22:16
Lol BM. How is retirement treating you? Clearly still enjoying a bit. Of forum action.
09/11/17 23:37
I'm currently only doing the sim city and keeping fans somewhat up for the sim city. Once that is done the forum will be done for me as well. It's nice to not care about games. But I still beat the number 2 guy in my ship with junk players, injured players, no subs and no mb.
10/11/17 04:10
Got to love a bit of Sim City BM.