Cheating MB

06/04/18 08:34
Dexter here...
So MB is steroids right!!! And if you are caught using steroids in a real life, you get banned or you lose the match points.
So give us an option to use MB or not, but after the match, have a Question " opponent used MB " if you are correct, then the opponent was "caught " cheating, and therefor the opponent loses it's match points, and you win the match, if you guess incorrectly, then you lose 1 point in the match.... What you guys think??? Sweet Nitro, come on.
06/04/18 08:52
Ludicrous suggestion. I hate MB as much as you but like it or not it is part of the game so its not cheating to use it.

06/04/18 08:54
Well, if not cheating, then call it what it is... Steroids, which is considered cheating....let me guess, you can't live without it????
06/04/18 12:00
Premise is off, you don't get banned for roids in real life. You just have to do what people for all the major rugby countries do, play in France and get a medical exemption. But I don't think anyone here is a fan of mb, just a bad part of the game that has been accepted after years.
06/04/18 12:07
So what you think Monks? Crappy idea... It's OK, be honest, I'll drop my pants and bent over...
06/04/18 12:08
I won't get butthurt, promise.
06/04/18 12:18
Actually, I dont use MB yet. i will once I reach the top league as there is. No way to survive there without it. until then Id rather spend my cash on getting my upgrades completed. i dont even buy gear until the last few rounds when its virtually free. it looks like you guessed wrong
06/04/18 13:32
What your gamer name guest 2J...
06/04/18 14:56
No need for a button that says a person uses mb, have you noticed a sharp decline in accusations of mb use? It's because you can easily see your opponents bank level before and after a match and thus know if it was mb or not.
07/04/18 01:06
Yep Monks learned that this week, pretty nifty trick.
Guess my final thought on this matter....MB sucks !!!