06/02/20 07:36
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Guest 8KX3W :

Crusaders RM :

So when the leagues are generated Huw was banned, Huw has apologised and sorted out with SN what he owed so they reinstated him! Nothing he could do once the leagues had reset, Snakeman was In the same position last season in the same league of teams that have retired and no one created a forum post about it and everyone knew so why create 1 about Huw??

Very valid point but Snakeman did not commit fraud. In my view Wales' account should have been closed permanently to set an example. He was a moderator and a leader.

I am not accusing your boy Huw but it is ludicrous that SN can have such obvious double standards and lack of control.

The same happened when Jonathan stopped the game and sold his team and was reinstated again. Till this day you mention it as a cheat from La Cag but it is simply not true.

The common denominator here is lack of control from the people in charge at SN.

I'm curious who you are as you know me lol

Sorry guys, haven't had time to respond for the last few days busy at work.

I changed my name so at least Martin and Jonathan can see who is speaking to them LOL.