unbeliveable effort

09/09/16 16:43
May i be the first one to praise the hard work and effort from sublinet the changes you have made to this game are the most pathetic things i have seen in all my life.. whoever the thick cunt is that has decieded that a dog barking is football related deserves to be shot.. question 1.. what building is this dog housed? Is this person be paid for his shitty ideas?? I really thought with all the money this game is making that you may consider hiring someone with more qualifications than being a nonse.. i fully cant wait for the next sound effects.. maybe monkey noises.. or an elephant.. why dont you incorporate a water fountain and put a shark in it. I think all in all your an overpaid bunch of wankers.. i look forward to a response shortly followed by a ban.. thanks
09/09/16 18:17
09/09/16 18:20
That was pretty good, Will. Inspired me to make a first post. Your comments are usually good for a laugh or two.
09/09/16 21:37
Well another string to the bow.. inspiring others ill take that haha
20/09/16 13:03
To be honest, first time I heard it, thought my window was open and the neighbours dog was loose again..... We do have birds flying across the screen at times, maybe they can program the canine to run down the street beside the cars!!
25/09/16 20:26
I was watching a clip on Youtube about housing estates in Manchester, and I was thinking they sounded right chavvy with all the dogs barking in the background, until I realised I still had my game open in another window.

The Sublinet City and Gorton are among the few places in the world where the population of Staffordshire Bull Terriers is higher than the human population.
28/09/16 19:46
well won on your guild challenge with the UK Elite fair play you won outright by some distance was good to play you. For 4 of our lads they said team wales was there last guild challenge were all pretty sick of the game I'm leaving myself when hit all the rewards then I'm creating a guild called the retirement home and I'll just sit inactive in the guild for me the game went bad the moment packplayers were introduced.
28/09/16 19:57
Got admit will your comments are hilarious whales sublinet really are the biggest bunch of tosspots who couldn't make a good game if they tried, I think it speaks volumes when majority of what was the top players like swans , Vishals and anyone that was in team rebels have gone. Today we lost our leader in the UK Elite and gareth said to me I'm taking sometime to consider my future on the game like these are top players in the game and sublinet just doesn't seem to care anyway I'm already looking into other non sublinet football games to play.
28/09/16 20:52
I must admit goonerjohn is a legend of the game and i have always had some good tussles in matches.. i hope gareth stays as he is also a brilliant players.. im.sure uk elite will be back
28/09/16 22:20
yeah were going to rebuild i'll be doing most of the recruitment but it's gunna be difficult to replace them sorta players. Hope to meet again very soon. it's always an honour to play your guild