coincidence I think not ?

27/03/19 11:02
After winning just 1 in 12 I thought i was in for a panning today again. Now i've got no realistic chance of even a single promotion to my suprise I magically win 4-0 after not scoring for the past 3 rite and they say this game aint fixed no i'm sorry if that aint all the evidence you need to see this game is fixed for my team to never get promoted I don't know what is my team looked like barca today and for past 12 they played like fulham

Also I find it difficult to believe that the top 2 players in my league just happen to be from the same guild i suppose it's possible but unlikely , and what makes it all whiff a bit more is in my league somehow the top 6 spots are occupied by iranian teams theres 5 of us that aint iranian but only 1 of us got promoted . I also think it's very coincidental should we say how the two lads from kavak that didn't get promoted had a higher number of challenge points than that of the french lads guild so is the idea to deliberately stop the top non iranian teams from getting promoted to put a bigger gap between the elite guilds and the average guilds?