So they have gone back to the old way then

19/12/19 19:37
I see GC's will now start @ midnight at least its a crap time in Iran as well 03.30.

The original way was 24 hour waiting before the GC started so all they have really done is go back to that without actually admitting they are going back to the original idea.

As for the more than 5 games does anybody even play these anyhow those ratings are bloody pointless & the cash is peanuts so not worth playing for either.
19/12/19 20:52
I genuinely don't get what the update was about it makes no sense to me what they put on the patch i guess ill find out when they screw us over somehow
20/12/19 05:30
No doubt somebody thought they had to do something to justify their pay cheque.
21/12/19 09:42
What a joke this patch is the one thing that kept people interested semi challenges and they've totally ballsed them up requested a challenge about 7 last night and where still awaiting 13 hours later
21/12/19 09:56
The message is for 7.22 right now we are still on 7.2 so they have not introduced it yet but I'm guessing a lot of people think they have & so they are not putting in for a G C until they think it will work.

Also don't forget its almost Xmas so a lot will have other things to do so its bound to slow down a bit.