13/10/15 17:25
Is kicking entirely random? If not, could you provide soe insight into what effects it, too many kicks missed when kicker has high stats. In real life, top kickers get 80%+. Here, it's about 40-50%!!!
13/10/15 21:20
Very good question!
14/10/15 12:20
Your lucky if your getting 40-50% my kicker 49 get about 25% this has been brought up before
14/10/15 12:25
This was brought up before about two weeks ago still no comment from Sublinet
17/10/15 02:55
Possibly because this is modeled on the soccer manager game, the kicking is the same. And everyone knows soccer players can't kick straight
10/01/16 11:13
Kicking is an absolute sham and the stats don't mean a single thing. That's why Sublinet won't reply to this post. The algorithm was not designed with kicking stats over 32, and the programmers are not competent enough to rectify this.
16/01/16 01:22
Try lowering the rhythm of the kicker, as well as improving the kick force and kick accuracy as much as possible. My success rate rose rapidly when my fly half's rhythm reduced to 50%.
On a related note, I have no idea how some teams seem to be able to take kicks from long range. One opponent landed penalties from half way. My fly half is rated 85 for kicking and has the strategy setting right up on kick distance, but only kicks at the posts from near the 22m line.
16/01/16 05:31
The fatigue plays a massive factor on it my kicker slots 90%o of his shots but has 80+ on force and accuracy
16/01/16 08:48
My kickers stats is 75/75 and I do get bout 75% of kicks, my guess is if your kicker is on 45/45 you should get bout 45% of your kicks. Could be totally wrong though
24/01/16 23:12
Aha - ref. my comment above, I've worked out how to land the long range kicks. Don't just rely on the stats to land kicks - tactics and energy are key!