02/02/16 00:21
We (Emu's) have just been ripped off in the Guild Challenge. I won't bore you, but one team we played received 45 penalties, to 0 in 3 games??? How does this happen?? If I was to list all the issues from this challenge I could nearly turn it into a book. There is certainly something shifty going on there. The word Biased comes to mind.
02/02/16 10:39
In your strategy, "ruck aggressiveness" is at its maximum.
Lower aggressiveness to make less fouls.
02/02/16 10:41
perhaps Ostrich is more appropriate than Emu. Head in sand. Outwitted so it must be unfair. I don't think so.
03/02/16 07:20
3 different teams??? All outwitted??? Fair enough.
03/02/16 07:50
Yoooo admin dont give them answers.... the rest of us figured it out for ourselves
03/02/16 08:34
This is what makes the game interesting - working out strategies, and training your players to make those strategies work.Learning from experience, and applying that learning - it would be a very dull game if every time somebody has worked out a way to win you cry foul and want everything changed. If you keep getting penalised, the only cheating is by your players. Get your guild on the case of working it out, and working out counter-tactics - it's a poor show to go around accusing the opposition of cheating when, as has been said, you've been outwitted.
03/02/16 09:10
What was the name of the guild you were challenging?
03/02/16 16:20
Love the ostrich comment