Patch 3.0

08/05/16 19:08
Not sure what to change but it seems the guild challenges are flawed. We have been playing against teams either the same strenght and stronger, and seem to be able to draw each challenge. Maybe because of the match bonus. Maybe let each team member in challenge just play 1 game. No match bonus. Then the winners go to next round and so on until 1 guild is a winner. Or something like that.

2nd things is stadium and fans. So now you reach 140000 fans. Kind of no inspiration to continue on a personal level. As a player I dont have the control on other members and their ability to reach 140000. So that is limiting too. Cant we raise our fan base even more by some way?
10/06/16 00:57
Like the drop goal option, but ridiculous that a player can take a drop on the run! Do you not watch rugby, it is almost impossible!!
10/06/16 01:00
Only problem with this game is that players can do things that could never happen in a real game of rugby!!