Automated subs

16/04/16 20:08

Can subs be automated?
I sometimes play teams in either guild or general matches and they make substitutions.
Is this automated or do they need to be watching at that point in time.
If so, can the game notify you that you are playing?

17/04/16 10:29
As far as I am aware, you cannot automate, so the player must be online.
The game notifies of championship matches (In the notifications on the app)
Somewhere in the ideas section, I did put a list of notification enhancements that would be nice IMHO.
17/04/16 13:51
Thanks taff.
How do you get notifications and where do they go?
I ticked the box for them some time ago but never get them.
17/04/16 13:53
Get them on my iPhone have you checked notifications in iPhone settings as well as in the game.
17/04/16 14:19
Perfect, thanks Taff!