Allow us to choose our penalty!

19/05/17 17:39
You can't please all the people all of the time. I have to accept that many of my games are played at less than full health because of commitments which prevent me from getting online to heal after matches. That is just tough luck and I have to deal with it. The onus should be on rewarding those who are online, rather than some basic idle clicker with a rugby wallpaper theme.
19/05/17 17:52
So once again, would you be in favor of your proposal if champ match was at 0300 GMT? I personally try to suggest game improvements, not game improvements that increase my personal advantage. Devs will likely try to not further alienate those of us that already find ourselves on the short end of the timing stick
19/05/17 19:11
Yes I would suggest it, as I just said there are times when I can't be online for alot of my games and so play at less than full health. This is a feature that would make the game more interesting when players can be online.
19/05/17 20:21
But some of us cannot be on at all, so you are still hanging on to sometimes being online while also acknowledging that it would bury players from half the globe. This would make a game that gives Europeans a big advantage and turn it into a game you cannot progress in without being European.
19/05/17 20:36
No it wouldn't as there would be an area added to the strategy that allowed you set up pre tactics. It is far more fair than the current MB system.

If they have a large number of players from outside of Europe (which I assume there will be) then they maybe need to look at grouping teams by locations and/or having varying match times.
19/05/17 21:13
If your suggestion is remove mb and add your suggestion I think all are on board
19/05/17 22:54
An extra set of Tabs for Penalty Choices...not much programming involved.....

Whatever you set below is hardcoded and requires no pause in the game (make your choices beforehand) :

1. 40-60m (Kick at Goal/Scrum/Kick for touch/Tap and Go).
2. 20-30m (As above)
3. 15-20m (As above)
4. 5-10m (As above).

Your choice as to what you pick and it wouldn't matter if online or off....there would be no pause in the game.

Secondly and something that has been mooted before....An Extra "Linked Tab":
Tab 1A : Team Strategy 1 <-> Tab 1B: Individual Players Corresponding Individual Strategies 1
Tab 2A : Team Strategy 2 <-> Tab 2B : Individual Players Corresponding Individual Strategies 2

...... and so on....

Again...not a lot of programming involved.