two level different on championship

02/11/18 11:08
i'm a level 58 and on my championship , 7 players are level 59 !!! itis normal or it is a bug ? i don't understand why this level difference ?
thanks for your answers
02/11/18 11:27
Sometimes there is a mix... depending on how many guys are in the 2 championship levels...
02/11/18 11:40
thanks ! is fifty fifty ! 7 team level 58 and 7 team level 59 ! but on level 58 we have 5 points capacity less !!! grrr
02/11/18 12:17
shouldnt matter your strategy should be good enough to beat 6 levels above you at least what guild you in?
02/11/18 13:05
luckily I have a good team with a correct strategy but it's not fair in the spirit of the game!
i'm french my name is "allez le 11" and my guild is "defi obligatoire recrute".
and thank you hooligan, for answering me because on the French side it is the silence !!!
02/11/18 13:24
Pleasure bro... shout if you need anything