RM Taking the fun out of the game

12/02/19 16:58
Gregory K. Ishii :

Benjamin Wimpie Foreman :

Guys, this game has become a bunch of shit, all these admins and Moderators can suck my dick for fucking up this game. Besides, all they want is cash out of you but they can't attend to the community helping and answering their questions. I have been waiting for days to be helped and not 1 of these FUCKERS have responded. They can all die in a car accident for all I care

Wow that’s quite a loud one from ya, however i agree with you on the responding things, they haven’t been replying to my shit for over 2 months now which is bloody ridiculous

Well dude, i don't care anymore about this game, I used to buy players and support them but they can lick my ass!
12/02/19 18:04
just leave the game