New patch notes I'm mixed

20/12/19 22:47
I like the idea rewarding players who defend GC's but I think for me it needs doing in a different way

The reason I think this is because it's discouraging lesser teams to play at all , Chances are lesser players will lose if they lose to same man twice the player who was challenged then gets an extra go. I also think what will happen is you will see lesser players deliberately not playing challenges not because they're innactive but because they don't want to throw away and give goes to their opposition by playing teams out of their league. I also think you will see some guilds will play one game to lose against each player in another guild and then second game to win as it's going to be the only way every active team can max out goes .

21/12/19 00:14
Evening Ashley

I might be wrong but my impression was what you’ve described applies to the map as opposed to guild challenges!
21/12/19 01:56
This change is for ranking games on the map only and has nothing to do with GC games at all. The clue is in the patchnote itself where it says "Except if a guildmate challenged you. So you can have more than 5 challenges per day."

A guildmate cannot challenge you in a GC. The 5 challenges per day is a reference to the the 5 ranking games that you are allowed each day.
21/12/19 21:23
ah I understand I didn't understand that makes sense I dont bother with training games