Academy Cymru

09/05/20 20:23
Hi we're currently looking for 1 teams to join us so if your active and want to join us just play me and i'll send the invite. The only thing we ask is you must send/request heals and play at least once in gc selected for. We also run our own in guild league system with proper promotion and relegation each weekend; with home and away games so no advantage.
03/07/20 08:51
will repost if and when we got spaces again?
03/07/20 16:44
Taffy's Dragons. :

Hi we're currently looking for 0 teams to join us.....

Might have expected that from a Turk Church Going Taffy or maybe even a Migsy but, 0 teams coming from you TD????? Have a word with yourself
03/07/20 22:21
To be fair this isn’t your finest moment TD but I have enjoyed it!!

Don’t you start digging me out on here as well DHSFP!!!!!
04/07/20 06:50
lol dhsfp just getting lazy in my old age by editing it save reposting next time and migsy u can shut up too haga
04/07/20 16:37
Hope you guys are both well. all good here boyos
04/07/20 21:05
yer we're ok thxs hope u r too? did send invites to some of yr teams too hoping lol
06/07/20 21:01
there you go dh edit it lol
08/07/20 17:37
Hey Taff

I hope all are well at Academy Cymru

For anyone considering a move, I rate Academy Cymru very highly as a guild. They're a fun bunch of guys and keep everyone interested with weekly in-house competitions etc. Some very good teams there too. Taff himself is a legend obviously.

08/07/20 20:33
Hey Phalanx,

Hope you are well!! Cheers for the kind words and yeah taffy is ok!

All the best,