Weird quirks in the game happening

10/06/20 18:39
We've just had a GC IN Black Venom with the French guild La'rene Du Ballon Ovale (recru

The score ended 22-22 with Slim on our side remaining and Flinguers Toulasalins Phil on the other side standing

This should of gained us a share of the rp but instead the game awarded us with a win and full RP I and some of my members have questioned the scoreline a few times of previous various GC's but none of us have been online to see the final score I and some of my members have questioned previous GC wins where I'm not sure how we supposedly won given the players we had with goes left any other guild experiencing this rather weird quirk? Just in act of fairplay I wouldn't like to think another guild was missing out on rp because it was giving us wins we didn't actually get like I wouldn't like it if our guild got nothing for a challenge we'd played hard to get something from.
10/06/20 20:49
Hi ashley its happened in our guild as well, what nitro originally said was the 1st team to maximum wins in the event of a draw gains the win but for some reason the game is giving the "win" to guilds that reached the highest number 1st even if both guilds still have unbeaten teams.. so you got the win rps and the opposition got the draw rps
10/06/20 23:27
Thanks Ben for clearing that up makes sense as we was the first to reach 22 we like to set the target then it's on the other guild to match or better us