18/11/16 14:57
There is two things that are stopping this game from being a great game the slider and the pack . It is because of the MB (slider) we have a divide within the game. Now me and Dynasty donot exactly see eye to eye, but I think we both agree on one thing the slider is the route of the conflict between our guilds and I just ask you admins to please remove it as it is causing in a lot of tension within the game and people have left because of it. Basically I just want a fair game and to be beaten by legit tactics if I'm to get beat.

That brings me onto my second issue the use of how many pack players you can have in one team. Ok I get you guys want our cash, but please limit the amount of pack players you can field in one game. For the average player it is not giving the average jo a chance when some people are building super teams then maliciously still purchasing from the auction house to ruin other teams so there squad gets older and then they end up with useless players

cough cough you know who you're and you know what your doing.

I await your response admin

Ashley - Touchy Tigers brotherhood

19/11/16 01:00
Pack players will never be limited because..... $$$$$$$$$$$

However there is a limit to how much a pack player can help you. Nobody cares what your cb's passing accuracy is, or an OL's kick return ability. It is a meaningless stat that artificially inflates star ratings. The overall star rating makes no difference (or very little) in a game's outcome if, you have developed your players properly. The slight advantage goes to the pack player on a turnover, and your safety is now dodging offensive players en route to a touchdown. To be honest, turnovers are always the X factor in this game and in real life.

19/11/16 02:02
That was beautifully said, Mr. Guest, and the whole truth!
19/11/16 02:14
LOL.... Admins, What's the purpose of making a game if you aren't making money? That's the entire purpose of developing and spending countless hours writing code, developing art work, etc. It's ludicrous to even ask these guys to be less profitable.

Admins, if you want to put limitations on something, stop the number of ignorant posts per day that defy common sense. Ashley, you are given the same opportunities that everybody else is in this game. Your failure to do so doesn't mean others that do should be forced to stop improving their roster to give others that don't want to put the same effort into the game equality.
19/11/16 07:57
No your all missing the point, and very clearly did not read the post. I asked to limit the amount you can play in one team obvs you can't stop players buying them but they need to put a limit on how many superstar pack players you can field at any one time this aint fantasy NFL or the last I heard it was called touchdown manager, and to me surely there should be some realism in the actual gameplay. By all means have a few pack players I just don't think you should be allowed as many you wish as it makes the game pointless trying to compete for the non packplayers either that or they need a separate league for the players who want to spend money on the game
19/11/16 20:02
No Ashley you are missing the point, by limiting them your asking the game admins to take money and food off their tables.... that's just stupid... everyday your in here crying about something that's unfair ! When the real problem is your broke and can't afford to keep up with those that have the money to spend to better their team .... and last I saw in the NFL, the team will I get to spend the money, and get the best players, normally wins or is in the discussion.... STOP WITH ALL THE DAMN CRYING YET AGAIN
19/11/16 20:30
Me crying? that's rich coming from the guy who on the rare occasion he looses a game and loses a couple of fans he goes complaining how he lost 1000 fans and that nobody can beat him straight up . The reason nobody can beat you straight up is because your life is in a virtual game. In regards to the NFL what i'm saying is there is no sports team in the world with a full set of world class players, that is what makes this game completely unrealistic I could spend if I wanted to but to think you actually spend real cash on a virtual game and lots of it . How sad you must be personally got better things to put my money into than a virtual reality game.
20/11/16 18:18
Let me guess Ashley, you're an immature college liberal who once again isn't handed a free ride and now want to protest those that work harder than you. Stop the tantrums and EARN the spot you believe you want to achieve. Nothing in life is free, including the top spots in the game. Just like real life, you're given equal opportunity to excel. If you choose to take the lazy path, then accept where you are in life and live within your means. Stop crying foul when others that EARN their positions are better off than you. Let this sink in for a minute before responding with more liberal minded BS.
20/11/16 19:22
Immature Liberal that shit means nothing to me. Not that I need to justify myself to you or anyone else on this game. I'm angry because you guys have fuelled my anger I'm not saying anymore other than I hope you get what I believe will be coming to you in the not too distant future good riddance.
20/11/16 20:15
Unfortunately you request will get you nowhere. As far as I know admin have absolutely no contact with the developers of the game. Really wish the could do something about that pesky slider!