Fundamental problems with this game?

26/05/19 11:14
I have now been playing this game for over 3 years now seen some changes some good others bad! When I first started playing teams could put all their players more or less on the opponents goal line; bad idea! the administrators listen and stop this practice and the game improve a little bit! But as we all know there are still major problems with it but it seems the administrators have stop listening to us which is a shame because they can if they wanted too make this into a game that resemble football and NOT table tennis? My self over the last several seasons been slowly developing a passing game with my teams and when I play against a side with similar tactics it is a real joy to watch weather I win or lose HELL of a lot better than when a team that just kicks at goal from anywhere on the pitch and score "WHERE'S THE SKILL IN THAT?" So my suggestions to improve the game a bit more are:
1 When a player has a throw in (line out lol) he should throw it to a player and not at the goal?
2 A player shouldn't always shoot at goals when there is another player in a better place to score he should pass.
3 In the player strategy setting there should be a sliding setting for either passing or shooting at goal.
These are just 3 improvements they could make and in my opinion would make the game better?
27/05/19 09:28
I have not seen throw in's going for goal in ages I thought that had been stopped as for shooting from anywhere that has been reduced although its not totally stopped but at least I have not come across a team that just put it out for a goal kick every time they touch the ball for at least 3 seasons.

I agree there are still problems ie my players who are maxed out getting outpaced sometimes by teams at a lower level who are not even maxed out so there is still some cheating going on but they are getting there but it is slow.

As for player not always shooting mine don't maybe you are getting something wrong there
28/05/19 10:20
How about team strength being done on the starting XI rather than taking into account the sometimes 50+ subs they use to bring that rating down
28/05/19 19:08
Hi Chelsea that was mention a few years back but as usual nothing was done? What I always do and i know some others do to "DON'T" just go by the level of a team always have a quick look at the players too then usually you get a better idea how strong a team is!
29/05/19 09:21
Me too normally but sometimes forget but its amazing how many never learn & never check
07/06/19 11:29
I thought they had stopped this booting it from one end to the other but I just played a farce of a game where my opponent who amazingly enough was an Iranian (I bet that's shocked all of you NOT!) just booted the ball mostly wide of the goal every time one of his players got near it.

Allowing this to go on will not encourage new people to join or even old ones to carry on playing & could even damage their income it makes no sense as to why they don't stop it
07/06/19 23:36
Well done for killing your own game nitro is all I'll say. i think rebels is pretty much finished as a guild i've got an account i can't access the lads have given me rh back through dark destroyer but unable to put me as leader cos Ashley is the leader and I have no access .

this has had a direct impact on the guild because effectively the guild has no Leader the actvity has been less than ever before i think because they see their leader with zero heals on his main team due to him having no access the majority of players have just given up and for not just 1 but about 10 members to just stop playing in 1 season i think it says what everyone is thinking but i guess you moderators will only care when the players just aint there to run the game.
14/06/19 17:59
Keiran can you get the ID number or do you know what guild its in?