One time offers

12/07/16 09:10
I am not able to receive the one time offers on my PC. I did check for the enable notification setting - but unfortunately there is no setting like this when playing rugby manager 2015.
12/07/16 09:19
Have you updated the programme? Unfortunatley I don't use PC so cannot help further but consider a ticket to support if updating the game does not work for you.
12/07/16 12:26
If you want to receive the offer on your PC, you have to use the app on Facebook.
12/07/16 20:43
They really aren't one time offers, they make them every hour. To be honest, I think calling them one time offers is something that Apple will be interested in especially as you can get the same offer ever other hour indefinitely, even if you buy one.
12/07/16 20:46
Or count yourself lucky that you don't have the so-called 'one time' offers constantly throbbing on your screen creating an annoying distraction
15/07/16 16:31
Is there anyway I can buy 15 "one time" offers as at 3.99 each they are such good value