Who are the toughest 2 teams to challenge in a friendly?

14/12/16 01:03
I think we all agree that your away strat when you are offline is a tough part of the game to crack. Who has got it nailed and causes you major problems? 2 Team Names & their Guild so people can find them! Over to you guys...
14/12/16 07:43
Rucking Broncos,
It's a great question, but one I feel is impossible to truly and fairly answer.
There have been and are some great players on this game, but with the way that the game is setup, it's virtually impossible to limit to 2 great players that have it nailed offline for friendlies.
There is a list of players that I look forward to getting competitive fixtures against, and who have great strategies that they engage, mainly just for competitive matches. Some MB free, and some that their strategies really kick in with MB.

I have listed in the past on the forum (somewhere) a subset of those I considered great players. (and for sure I missed some off).

The best I can probably offer for this is browse through the championships.... safe to say the top 3 in each take some beating.

Home advantage in friendlies, the holding back of "real strategies" etc etc all kick in.

And of course, there are always additions arriving, and departing. ( the departing I fear will also increase unless an update arrives VERY soon).
14/12/16 17:41
Nitros from Rugby Champz has a very good offline strat. His avg is around 125 but he puts his players to very good use.
16/12/16 10:32
I think it works more on the principle that 1 strategy don't work as effective against everyone, like you might have a great setup with which you beat teams even stronger than you, then you run into a team, a weaker team than yourself and the teams you usually beat, and they just run straight through your players, the setup clearly don't work well against them, but if you have other setups and try them, you highly likely to find another setup works well against this team again.
My team don't really perform different in home or away matches, if i play the same team with a setup, if i beat them in a home game i would usually beat them if they challenge me as well, that's why I think if you loose games when you offline its not so much because its an away game as the setup just isn't the right setup against that team. I have a setup, didn't originally create it as a setup for away games or games when I'm offline, but after creating it, i realized that it works really well in defending games when I'm offline, it sucks as a setup to play with and with it i will very seldom score any tries, i might make some points from penalties but with it almost no-one can get through and score points either, even teams way stronger than mine. So on this setup when i come online I will always find matches played while i was offline which is almost always draws 0-0..