Rucking Broncos MB free final Tonight?

24/02/17 23:32
MB free for final tonight?
24/02/17 23:34
Yes mate sounds good, lets do it.
24/02/17 23:35
Are you Colstans or am I just getting confused with all this moderator stuff?
24/02/17 23:37
No I'm not colstons, nothing to do with me.
24/02/17 23:40
Ok mate. I will screenshot money before and after match incase anyone wants to check if I use MB in tourney.
24/02/17 23:41
Was going to do the same.
24/02/17 23:42
Look at the other thread for an idea of Colstons maybe
24/02/17 23:44
Got to be done given the madness that can insue over these things!
25/02/17 00:00
Good game mate, could have gone either way
25/02/17 00:01
Good game, your last substitute won that