26/06/17 21:50
I cannot defend for the life of me. Can someone explain how to defend please before I delete this game
26/06/17 22:05
Areas to look at are individual defense stats, rhythm, spacing and defense speed.
26/06/17 23:21
and penetration needs to be right otherwise you're in trouble
26/06/17 23:35
Can anyone elaborate please
26/06/17 23:59
I can but wont, sorry. It's all part of the secret sauce. (Hopefully my secret sauce is more than just mayonnaise and french dressing)
27/06/17 09:32
The whole point of the game is to play with the settings until you find something that works for you. And then try to improve it. Guilds give a structure where you can work with others to try things out, but nobody is going to give stuff away for free on here, and frankly what's the point anyway? Where's the fun in just implementing other peoples' settings?
27/06/17 22:35
What is the point in having a forum then. it's suppose to be for helping people.
27/06/17 22:48
And if you don't find the information provided helpful I have a question and a statement. Why do you keep asking questions if the replies aren't helpful? I suspect it's because they are helpful...and if you don't appreciate what is going on here then you can contribute instead of just trying to take. This community is what it has become and can change if it does. We are the community, we aren't forced any direction except away from letting other children offend children or easily offended non-children
27/06/17 23:40
1. Join an active guild
2. Be active, send heal kits, contribute
3. Ask the best players in your guild for help
28/06/17 01:05
4. Complain and discover nothing changes