Is THAT it? Is that all you can offer Sweet Nitro?

13/10/17 13:20
This much anticipated upgrade has delivered:
1. Sim City Level 25 buildings
2. The chance to have a 2nd Leader as the first probably jumped off Tower Bridge in frustration and boredom
3. The chance to play among yourselves in expanded inter-guild and tournament matches
4. Reducing MB by half (based on survey - don't believe you - publish the survey results!)

Do you really think this is what we need or wanted? There is absolutely NOTHING in this upgrade that addresses strategy or team building at all.

What you could have done is some or all of the following:
1. Introducing an academy to bring through youngsters
2. Provision for automatic substitutions to make the game truly global for people who can't be online due to timezone differences
3. Ability to change personal player strategies based on general strategies used / selected
4. Removing MB completely from Championship games at least - we are all at the same level FFS
5. Get rid of the Sports Shop - another false tool that serves no purpose apart from using up generated funds
6. Introduce Sin Bins / yellow / red cards
7. Ability to easily copy a general strategy without having to create a new one and copy over most of the same settings
8. Improve the graphics!!

Cannot tell you how disappointed I am with this pathetic attempt to improve a rugby STRATEGY game!
13/10/17 14:05
13/10/17 14:18
Welcome to RM, you should have known better than anyone wiz
13/10/17 14:29
200% behind you Wizz.
13/10/17 16:41
Also agree.
Really getting bored of this 'game'
13/10/17 20:42
Yup i think we will lose more top players
13/10/17 21:37
Totally agree WW, I’ve just upgraded to new stadium and graphics no different than previous stadium! Very lazy update.

Cheers Jonny’s Marauders
13/10/17 22:00
As for the "custom tournaments". Our Guild will try one and one only for the novelty value but what chance does a Level 36 have against our top teams Level 50, 48 etc? Another con.

We play In-Guild tournaments for nothing anyway.
13/10/17 22:09
Does the guild tournament give the same training points as usual tournament?
13/10/17 22:15
Yes and same rewards of Gold Balls and Gate Money each round but in a Guild like ours, there are only ever going to be 4 or 5 winners. All the rest will be out before the semi-finals.

Much better to play a regular tournament against teams the same level as you as you have more chance of winning more games.